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Dianna L. Stair, R.N., L.M.T. - (Call/Text) 330-466-2725

Dianna and her husband Rick who is also an L.M.T., are co-owners of Stair Steps to Wellness, L.L.C.  The practice opened in January, 2002.  Dianna is a Wooster, OH native who graduated from Wooster High School in 1980.  Dianna graduated from N.C. State College with an Associate's Degree of Applied Science, and become licensed as an R.N. in the State of Ohio in 1990.  In 2001, she graduated from N.C. State College with a Certificate of Massage Therapy, and an Associate of Technical Studies Degree. Dianna became a Licensed Massage Therapist (L.M.T.) in 2002, and is currently licensed by The State Medical Board of Ohio. She is certified in Spa Stone Therapy, and has received additional training in Columbus, Ohio for pregnancy massage, and on-site chair massage for the work place. Dianna's previous R.N. experience was in the O.B. Department of W.C.H., home nursing care in patient's homes, and clinic supervisor for The Wayne County Health Department. Dianna currently works with The University of Akron-Wayne College for special events, and previously provided Massage Therapy for The College of Wooster's Longbrake Student Wellness Center for the students, staff, and faculty.  Dianna remains currently licensed as an R.N.  Since 2002, Dianna has given many presentations on Massage Therapy and various health and wellness topics, and has performed chair massages for corporations, colleges, clinic settings, support groups, church events, organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, "Ladies Day" events, and etc. She thoroughly enjoys educating others about the muscular system, and the many wonderful health benefits of Massage Therapy.  Dianna enjoys being very active in church activities at Parkview Christian Church with her entire family.  Dianna resides in Wooster with her husband Rick and family dog Watson.

Briana (Yoder) Lascari, L.M.T. - (Call/Text) 614-329-3422

Briana graduated in 2009 from Dalton High School, and then continued her education at Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio.  In 2012, Briana graduated from Hocking College with an Associate's Degree in Massage and Spa Therapy.  Briana became an (L.M.T.) Licensed Massage Therapist in 2012.  Briana is currently licensed by The State Medical Board of Ohio.  Briana had previously been an L.M.T. with Stair Steps to Wellness before moving with her husband to Columbus, Ohio.  During her time with our practice, Briana had built up a huge patient following!  We are so excited Briana has moved back to her hometown of Kidron, Ohio with her husband, daughter, and son. She was very eager and thrilled to be able to rejoin our practice again!  While in Columbus, Briana excelled in the Massage Therapy profession, gaining much experience and knowledge working with a variety of many patients providing very therapeutic work.  She also had worked her way into management with her professionalism and skills, and continues to excel in her field.  Briana has experience in Neuromuscular Therapy, Swedish Relaxation, Trigger Point Release, Deep Tissue, and can incorporate gentle stretching techniques to help improve her patient's flexibility and mobility.  In 2019, Briana received her certification in "Hot Stone Therapy" from The Center for Massage Therapy Continuing Education. Briana enjoys being able to create and execute customized plans of Massage Therapy to improve each of her patient's overall well-being for optimal outcomes. In her free time, Briana enjoys spending time with her family, painting, and reading.  Briana resides in Kidron, Ohio with her husband, daughter, and son.  Briana certainly enjoys being back in her hometown again!    

Rhiannon "Rio" Ramsey, L.M.T. - (Call/Text 330-749-7158)

Rhiannon was raised in the beautiful city of Wooster and graduated from Triway High School in 2008.  She then continued her education in business, then decided to change her major to go into the medical field of Medical Massage Therapy.  In 2013, Rhiannon graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage.  She is currently licensed by The State Medical Board of Ohio, and is thrilled to be practicing Massage Therapy in her hometown of Wooster!  Rhiannon previously owned her own private practice and specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.  Rhiannon takes great pride in caring for her patients.  Her goal is to provide each and every one of her patients with very professional, patient-centered, quality care in a very calming, relaxing, therapeutic environment.  In the very near future, she plans on expanding her education through professional workshops and seminars to provide even more specialty services to her patients.  Rhiannon is overjoyed and honored to be part of such a knowledgeable team of practitioners of Massage Therapy at Stair Steps to Wellness.  Rhiannon also is very proud to be an Administrative Assistant at Nick Amster, Inc.,  She enjoys being a part of such an incredible team of people who provide services for adults in our community who have a wide range of special needs.  Rhiannon resides in Wooster with her wonderful mother, her beautiful daughters Evie and Mia, and their family pets:  Whinnie the cat, and Lucy, Biddy, and Bella their dogs.        

Rick Stair, L.M.T., C.R.  

Rick and Dianna Stair are the co-owners of Stair Steps to Wellness, LLC.  Rick is a Wooster, Ohio native and graduated from Triway High School in 1978.  In 2004, Rick graduated from The American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, Ohio with a Certificate of Massage Therapy.  In addition, Rick received his Certification in Reflexology at The Holistic Health Institute in Columbus, Ohio, and became a Certified Reflexologist in 2004.  Rick became a Licensed Massage Therapist (L.M.T.) in 2005.  Rick is currently licensed by The State Medical Board of Ohio.  He is certified in Spa Stone Therapy, and has received training in Neuromuscular Therapy Plus I, trigger point release, and has also received additional training in Sports Massage I & II. Rick has extensive knowledge and experience working with numerous athletes in a wide variety of sports.  He continues to provide pain relief and release of trigger points for the athlete's muscles to be at peak performance out on the court, ice rink, track, swimming pool or ball field.  Rick previously provided Massage Therapy at The College of Wooster's Longbrake Student Wellness Center for the students, staff and faculty.  Rick and Dianna have been very active working with The University of Akron-Wayne College for special events.  Rick enjoys traveling to watch The College of Wooster sports teams play. He also enjoys playing the bass guitar in the praise and worship team at Parkview Christian Church where Rick and Dianna have been very active members since the 1980's.  Rick resides in Wooster with his wife Dianna and their family dog Watson.   

Kathryn "Katie" Gerwig, C.R., RM/T - Reiki Master Level - (Call/Text 419-512-7725)

Katie is a Certified Reflexologist who received her training in 2008 from The International Institue of Reflexology. She is a member of The Reflexology Association of America, Reflexology Association of Ohio, and The Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. Katie has also taken related classes at The Ohio State University, and received training as a Hospice volunteer. In 2005, Katie began her Reiki education. In 2008, Katie completed her Master/Teacher level education in Reiki from The Usui System-Steps to Tranquility, Inc. She plans on continuing her education through professional workshops and seminars. Reflexology has been around thousands of years, older than massage therapy. In this treatment, your feet and/or hands are worked on for nearly an hour. It is done either lying down on the massage table or lounging back in a reclining chair. Pressure points on the feet are released providing fabulous health benefits! Many of our patients have even found relief from plantar fasciitis with this amazing treatment! Reiki has been around since the 1920's. Many nurses are trained in Reiki to give these treatments to their patients for enhanced healing, relaxation, and stress relief. Reiki is even offered in large hospitals for patients and their families. Reiki is total relaxation and calming. It re-energizes your body, along with providing the patient with numerous health benefits! Katie resides near the beautiful Malabar Farm State Park in Richland County near Lucas, Ohio with her husband Phil. Katie enjoys nature, all animals, especially birds and dogs. In her free time, Katie enjoys writing and traveling in the New England states. Katie has also written 2 books that have been published about dogs, gardening and nature.  

Timothy Bowman, L.M.T. 

Tim is a Wooster, Ohio native who graduated from Waynedale High School in 1999. In 2006 , he was initiated in the first degree of Reiki (the Usui System of Natural Healing). In 2008, he graduated from Stark State College with honors, and received an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Massage Therapy. Tim became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2008, and is currently licensed by The State Medical Board of Ohio. Tim has also received training in Articular Therapy (Accupressure), Neuromuscular Therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage. Tim has many years of experience providing therapuetic Massage Therapy offering pain relief through neuromuscular therapy releasing trigger points. Tim has also provided years of sports massage for many athletes, and he helps keep their muscles healthy for their peak performance. Tim played sports in school and knows the importance of keeping muscles healthy. Tim continues to remain very active in exercising, conditioning, and martial arts. Tim has been very active in Karate for the past 20 years, and holds 2 black belts, Tim currently has been in training at GriffonRawl Academy in Mentor, Ohio for combat training, boxing, and Brazilan Jujitsu. Tim also thoroughly enjoys helping the youth as an assistant coach for self-defense seminars. Tim resides in Creston with his wife Joni and two sons.

Our goal: "Striving to positively enhance the health and well-being of our patients"
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